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Buy a Unovent ductless ventilation system by January 31 2022 and you'll automatically be in the draw to win a brand new Tesla 3 worth over $60,000. What a way to start the year!

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COVID-19 info

As of 12.00am, Friday 3 December 2021 all of New Zealand moved to the Traffic Light system with varied levels of Red and Orange throughout the country.

Under this new system and at these levels, we can take calls and enquiries, and safely complete installations, whilst adhering to Covid-19 protocols and guidelines as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

The safety of our staff and our customers is paramount to us, and we will take any precautions necessary to ensure everyone's health and wellbeing.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact our Unovent Customer Service team who are ready to help via phone, online chat, or email.

Smart ventilation for every home.

Our range of home ventilation systems

Choose a system below to see it in action.
Xtract Attic
Xtract Bathroom
Xtract Kitchen
Diagram showing the Unovent Ductless system and how it operates in a home. Diagram showing the Xtra system and how it operates in a home. Diagram showing the Xtract Attic system Diagram showing the Xtract system in a home Diagram showing the Xtract system in a home. Diagram showing the Xchange system in a home.

Unovent's next generation of home ventilation.

Unovent's unique ductless technology has changed the game in home ventilation. Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, it is less expensive and more economical to run than other systems. Using only 12 volts, the ceiling mounted units from Unovent draws filtered dry air from the roof cavity to help maintain airflow and healthier air quality. The Unobrain's smart sensor detects temperature and humidity, and automatically turns the fan on to help reduce moisture and condensation.

What people are saying

“When I noticed condensation in one of my rentals I did some research and decided on Unovent® for my home ventilation. It worked so well I’ve put one in my own home too.”

Krishna Somasundaram, Auckland property investor

The performance plus ventilation system.

If you’d like the idea of setting a comfort level for the entire home and having it automatically controlled all year round - then this your system.

What people are saying

"The installer returned promptly, with helpful (and successful) ideas for the ventilation system."

L Gee, Homeowner

Let your roof breathe with a Solar Powered Attic Fan

If you’ve ever been into your attic in summer, you’ll know it can be baking hot. That heat sits over your house like an electric blanket making all your effort to stay cool so much harder. In winter the cold and damp in the roof cavity can cause structural damage and lead to a build up of mould and mildew. A Solar Powered Attic Fan can help you solve these issues.

What people are saying

"It has made such a difference to the heat in the upstairs bedrooms. Really quite amazing"

Tracy, Homeowner

For fast moisture removal in the bathroom.

These high powered fans are designed for targeted ventilation, like showers, bathrooms and utility areas that may not even have windows. Dual systems can ventilate neighbouring rooms - like a bathroom and separate toilet. Whisper quiet fans can remove as much as 20,000 litres of air in the time it takes to have a shower.

What people are saying

"Very happy with all aspects from start to finish. Quick, neat and tidy work. Very professional."

Katie Leigh, Home owner

Remove moisture and cooking odours from your kitchen.

Our kitchen rangehoods keep the moisture and cooking odours from spreading throughout your home - but they also do something else. They make your kitchen look great!

What people are saying

"The rangehood looks great, good job - many thanks!"

Happy Xtract Homeowner

Balance the atmosphere of your home.

Imagine a home where every room is perfectly warm, perfectly dry - the same temperature everywhere. That’s what Xchange ERS (Energy recovery system) can do for your home. It removes the warm, stale air from your house and replaces it with fresh air from outside. But here’s the clever bit. It exchanges the energy (warmth or coolness) from the outgoing air to the incoming air- helping minimise the energy needed to warm your home. This balanced airflow reduces moisture build up, creating healthier, drier living.

What people are saying

"The installer returned promptly, with helpful (and successful) ideas for a ventilation system for us."

L Gee

Choose a system below to see it in action.
Xtract Attic
Xtract Bathroom
Xtract Kitchen

Passion for the Customer.

“I started the Just Life Group over 30 years ago, incorporating the ‘Just Water’, ‘Hometech’, ‘Unovent’ and ‘Solatube’ brands along the way – it was built on trust and fair play, and I treat every customer as if they were my own family. So, if we are not living up to your expectations, then contact me directly, and I guarantee to do the right thing by you.”

Tony Falkenstein, Founder and CEO of Just Life Group

021 950 856

Unovent- the new generation of home ventilation.
It’s saving Kiwis heaps.

Unovent is a next generation ventilation system that creates a drier, healthier feeling in your home and is less expensive than other ventilation systems.

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