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The latest in home ventilation

Visit this space for the latest information about home ventilation and how Unovent can help you achieve healthier home

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20 Aug 2020 Living

During the winter, it’s tempting to stay inside where it’s warm, blast the heaters and dry your clothes without the chill of the outside air. While this on a rare occasion might be necessary if it rains weeks on end, doing this continuously without properly airing out your home with a ventilation system, you’re at greater risk of illness, and damp or mould may appear.

07 Jul 2020 Living

We’ve just come out of our coldest June in more than 5 years! It’s literally FREEZING! Soft snow has blanketed parts of the South Island and Middlemarch plunged to a bone-chilling -12.3 degrees - the coldest in the country so far. Even in some parts of Auckland, people have been waking up shivering to sub-zero temperatures.

08 Apr 2020Tech

Why is my house damp?