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The latest in home ventilation

Visit this space for the latest information about home ventilation and how Unovent can help you achieve healthier home

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12 Dec 2019 Tips

New Zealand’s currently in the sneeziest, sniffliest time of the year. And we’re not talking about winter. In summer, pollen counts go through the roof, so every open door and window in your house is potentially letting irritants in.

Capital Homes 9 Jonah Lomu D Rive Paerata Rise
07 Oct 2019 Tips

Your roof space can get pretty hot in summer, especially if you have a well-insulated ceiling. So would you want all that hot air circulating around your home? Nope. And that’s why the only home ventilation system worth considering is the Xgen by Unovent system, which is controlled by the Unobrain.

Patrick perkins 340019 unsplash