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19 Nov 2020

7 ways to keep pollen out of your home

Spring is a beautiful time in New Zealand. Fruit trees are in full bloom, the birds are singing, and the countryside is lush and green. However, spring can be an unpleasant time for pollen allergy sufferers. With every inhale, pollen can send the body’s immune system into haywire and cause symptoms such as sneezing, sniffling, and itching.

There is no cure to pollen allergies but there are ways to help you cope. Here are 6 easy ways to keep the pollen out of your home this spring.

1. Wash pollen out of hair and clothes

Your hair is a magnet for pollen, especially when the pollen count is high. As soon as you enter the house, take your shoes off and leave them in a designated area and then have a shower and wash your hair. Change into fresh clothes and put your outside clothes in the washing machine. Water destroys pollen.

2. Stop the spread with your pets

If you have pets, give them a good brushing before they come inside. Wash their paws with a lukewarm cloth. You don’t want them tracking it through the carpets, furniture or bedding, otherwise it could be a big job to clean up! Don’t forget to clean the brush immediately after or vacuum the area where you groomed them. Another good tip is to try to walk your dog when the pollen count is a lot lower.

3. Vacuum frequently

During the pollen season, it’s best practice to vacuum regularly. No matter how hard you try to prevent pollen from coming inside, there will always be some. Vacuuming often will minimise the allergens within the house. When you go to empty the vacuum bag, make sure you empty it outside and put the bag straight into the bin.

4. Time when you leave the house

Weather plays a key role in how much pollen is produced and how much is in the air at any time. Warm, windy days are the worst for pollen suffers because there’s more pollen in the air. Allergy symptoms often decrease on rainy or windless days because it prevents pollen from travelling in these conditions.

Pollen count tends to be higher in the morning and then peaks at noon. Plan when you want to leave the house and avoid airing your house at prime pollen times. Take a look at Allergy New Zealand’s pollen calendar.

5. Keep your car in the garage.

Keeping your car in the garage reduces the risk of pollen settling on your car. If you don’t have a garage, you can give your car a quick rinse to stop the pollen from spreading inside, however, be mindful of water shortages.

Keep wet wipes in your car so whenever you do touch a door handle you can clean your hands and the steering wheel straight after.

When driving, keep your car windows up and switch your air-con settings to “re-circulated air” rather than bringing in air from the outside.

6. Keep windows and doors closed

On a bright sunny day, it’s tempting to open up the windows and doors and let in the nice summer breeze flow through the home. Unfortunately, for pollen sufferers, the warm breeze brings in a lot of pollen. But there is another way to let fresh air circulate through your house, without the pollen:

7. Invest in a home ventilation system with pollen filters

Unovent ventilation system with PollenGuard® Helix™ is designed to capture harmful particles like pollen, dust and spores before entering your home. PollenGuard is scientifically developed, tested and manufactured in New Zealand from natural wool fibres, so that you can be assured that you and your family are only breathing in clean, fresh air without those nasty particles. It sits neatly inside the ventilation outlet and can easily be changed or added by yourself from within the room at any time – no need for costly filter change appointments!

If you or a loved one is a pollen sufferer, now is the time to protect your family from invisible airborne particles from entering your home. To find out more about Unovent PollenGuard call 0800 866 836 or email

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