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14 Jan 2022

Keeping the Bach in Tip Top Shape

Now that the Christmas rush is over it's time to tackle some maintenance at your holiday home.

There comes a time in every holiday when you have to start getting busy again. Busy tidying up in preparation for leaving it shut-up and heading back to town and work. Often this time comes as the weather changes, whilst for others it happens as the calendar clicks over to mid-January.

We've put together a tip sheet that we hope helps you to get everything organised. Maybe it will help you finish the prep work so that you can squeeze in a last-minute surf or snooze under a tree before heading back to work.

1. Exterior

Do a quick assessment of the exterior of your property. Do you need to nail down some decking? Or perhaps your gutters need a clean. Don't forget to once-over your out-buildings too including your shed and/or utility for the caravan. Check doors and windows are in good condition and not warped by the weather and maybe apply a lick of paint.

2. Security

One of the biggest pains is being called back to your bach by a concerned neighbour or cleaner because there's evidence of a break-in at your place. Go around the house and check every single window closes properly, that all exterior doors are locked tight and that your spare key is in an appropriate place (lock boxes are often good for assisting visitors in gaining access). Check the security system and/or cameras are working as they should.

3. Sweet as

Keep your place smelling sweet by installing a ventilation system. Remember that stale dusty smell you were assaulted with when you first arrived at the beginning of the season? You don't have to live with that unhealthy, stale air trapped inside your property. Unovent is a gentle, easy-to-install, cost-effective solution that works brilliantly for your property. Its continuous, gentle low-pressure ventilation system works to constantly refresh the air in your bach. This non-invasive action helps to keep your property smelling sweet and fresh and also works to remove stale mould and mildew creating air. The system needs no expensive, space wasting ducts and costs approximately $1 per day to run. A simple, natural and effective ventilation system designed in NZ for NZ houses; like our NZ fave, the Kiwi bach. If you already have a Unovent installed now might be a good time to replace the filters so its ready to filter out the nasties for the next year. You can buy filters right here from our online shop.

4. Replace and Replenish

Replace and replenish any cleaning materials and equipment that stays permanently at the bach. Don't forget to take the smelly fish frames and oyster shells out of the freezer and put them in the rubbish bag you will dispose of on your way out. Throw out any dry ingredients and check that herbs and spices are no older than a year old (It happens! Cinnamon from 1975 for your pancakes anyone?) Last but not least, don't forget the bin under the kitchen sink. You don't want to come back to that in three months' time.

5. Store the Toys

Store whatever water toys you have, not forgetting the beach boogie boards and the patio umbrella. You don't want them walking during your absence. Don't forget to secure the outdoor furniture and clean the BBQ before you leave. Along with coming back to a smelly, stale bach, coming back to a dirty grill, is right at the top of the list of irritations that will sour your next holiday break or Air BNB customer's break.

As the old cliche says, leave only footprints and take away wonderful memories of your family's time in your special corner of New Zealand.

For more information about Unovent's unique ductless ventilation system that's just-right for your beach house or holiday home, contact us using the chat or call us on the 0800 838 866 number.