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20 Aug 2020

The low-down about drying clothes inside

During the winter, it’s tempting to stay inside where it’s warm, blast the heaters and dry your clothes without the chill of the outside air. While this on a rare occasion might be necessary if it rains weeks on end, doing this continuously without properly airing out your home with a ventilation system, you’re at greater risk of illness, and damp or mould may appear.

Let’s look at why drying your clothes inside can create an unhealthy home:

Drying clothes inside creates a damp home

Drying your clothes inside creates a damp, unhealthy atmosphere, since a single load of washing can create up to 5 litres of moisture in the air. A damp home can lead to the potential growth of mould and dust mites, both of which are a persistent problem and create an unhealthy home.

Although mould or damp in the home might not be confirmed to trigger asthma in humans, those already suffering from asthma can quickly become triggered or see their symptoms worsen. Mould in the air can lead to breathing problems, other health issues, and general discomfort of your home. Dust mites love moisture, and often appear in damp houses.

These harmful environmental contaminants thrive on damp air and spaces, and inadequate ventilation in a home presents the perfect opportunity for them to appear and grow. When it’s freezing outside and the choice to dry your clothes inside is incredibly tempting, once or twice may not be a huge issue. But combine this with the number of soaking wet coats, sports outfits, or towels and bedding, and it soon creates a space that is constantly damp.

Damp clothes are only part of the problem

The real issue behind drying clothes inside is that doing so is only a small part of a larger problem. Winter time means longer showers, more steam, more hot cooking, less time with the windows or doors open, and a number of other contributors that create a potentially damp and unhealthy environment.

Whether you can control heat and moisture in a space will also determine the potential risk to your home. Insulation, heating, the position of the washing machine in the house, and adequate ventilation and air-conditioning will all ensure a home with dry, clean air.

When a space doesn’t have proper ventilation, moisture can appear on objects and create mould. Worse, however, it can also creep into the walls of a building, meaning that over time while you may clean certain spots, a damp home will eventually lead to worsening health issues, and structural damage to the house itself.

Create a healthy home and avoid mould and damp

Unovent has helped thousands of Kiwis install ventilation systems in their homes, from bathroom extraction, to kitchen rangehoods, to attic fans and whole house ventilation like our revolutionary ductless system Xgen.

Discover how we can do the same for you, and transform your home space into a healthy, dry environment all year-round. Contact us today for a free quote!

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