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06 May 2022

What is Positive Pressure Ventilation?

How does it make my home healthier?

“Positive pressure ventilation” – This is a term you will have heard when looking at home ventilation systems but not many people understand what it means. It’s a lot less complicated than you may think so here’s our simple guide.

How does a positive pressure ventilation system work?

A positive pressure ventilation system like Unovent creates a healthier environment for your family by bringing fresh, dry air into your home. Unovent achieves this by drawing air from your roof cavity, filtering it, and distributing the air into the rooms below. Unovent’s fans are constantly pushing dry, filtered air into your home, which pushes stale air out through gaps around the doors and windows.

Benefits of choosing the Unovent positive pressure ventilation system.

  • Unovent is a low flow ventilation system that is constantly working to gently ventilate the home. The main benefit of a low flow rate is that it avoids over-pressurising the house. Too much pressure can force moist air into unwanted areas like the home’s framework.
  • The Unovent system is entirely ductless. Our single-unit modular design means you can add ventilation to areas as you see fit. Our general rule is one unit per sleeping area.
  • Unovent is easy to maintain. Removable filters mean you can remove and replace filters yourself from inside your home – it's just like changing a lightbulb! This avoids expensive, ongoing service contracts. You can purchase replacement filters for your Unovent system here.
  • Unovent costs just $1.50/month to run! The efficient low flow fan uses so little power that an average three-unit system costs less than $1.50/month in power.

Is positive pressure right for my home?

Homes built pre 2008

The Unovent positive pressure system is an ideal solution for homes that have small air gaps around the doors and windows. This is the case for most New Zealand homes built before 2008. Unovent draws fresh air in, and this pushes stale air out through those small gaps.

Homes built after 2008

Newer homes, or homes with new windows and exterior doors installed, tend to be very tightly sealed. This makes ventilation all the more important, but it also provides fewer safe pathways for stale air to exit your home. Using a low flow system, like Unovent, helps maintain ventilation at a rate that won’t over-pressurise your home. Cracking open a window or running an extract fan will also help provide a safe pathway for stale air to exit the home.

What is balanced ventilation?

A balanced ventilation system is designed to supply fresh, dry air to your home just like a positive pressure system. The difference is that it also mechanically draws stale air out instead of pushing air out through natural gaps. This is done at an equal rate so the stale, old air being removed from the home matches the fresh, dry air being introduced. This creates a balanced atmosphere inside the home.

Balanced ventilation, like the Unovent H-line, is the gold standard, particularly for newer homes, however it also comes at a different price point to positive pressure ventilation.

How do I get a positive pressure ventilation system installed?

It’s easy! Phone us on 0800 866 836 and speak to one of our experts.

Learn more about Unovent positive pressure ventilation here.

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