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The most popular Xgen system is the 4 vent system – suitable for your choice of 4 rooms in your home – lounges and bedrooms. We don’t recommend Unovent's Xgen for the bathroom where an Xtract fan should be installed or the kitchen where an Xtract rangehood fan should be installed. Note our price INCLUDES installation, and upon purchase, we will contact you to arrange this. Installing powerpoints and/or soffit grills will be additional to the below.

Please note that additional units do not require nor include additional Unobrains or Power Packs.

If you’re a builder or architect you can download CAD files here

10 years comfort.

Unovent Xgen home ventilation systems have a 10 year warranty – one of the longest in the industry. We can do this because it’s assembled right here in New Zealand and we back it 100%. Our warranty unconditionally covers all aspects of the Xgen supplied components. Given the simplicity of the ductless 12 volt system, there is very little that can fail. In all situations, including the rare occasion where there is a suspected faulty component, contact the Unovent customer care team and upon agreement the suspected faulty component must be returned to Unovent by the customer and the cost of the freight, postage or courier charge will be reimbursed.

Any 240 volt wiring installation and power outlet installation must be carried out by a registered electrician.

Xgen Filters

Xgen incorporates an industrial graded G4 pre-filter that filters the air entering your home through the Unovent room ventilation outlets. The G4 filters can easily be removed from within the room and washed; or you can purchase a replacement filter for $9 each.

Read more about our filters.

Single Add-on Xgen v-line™

You may wish to add to your Xgen system after a renovation or extension. Simply contact us for a single extra unit.