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Unique Kiwi technology

Unovent is an advanced ductless home ventilation technology, designed by a Kiwi for New Zealand homes and conditions, making healthy, dry air possible for everyone. Unovent is so simple that you can start to create a healthier home today. Each unit comes complete with its own individual fan so you get consistent air flow in every room where you have Unovent installed - air flow is not dependent on ducting length as it is with standard home ventilation systems. Our low-cost single unit engineering has removed the need for the expensive and unnecessary complexity associated with conventional systems, making it simple and easy to install.

10-Year Warranty

Unovent has the longest warranty for a home ventilation system in New Zealand. Yes, we know our NZ produced system is of great quality! That's why we back it with a 10-year warranty.

Economical & Easy to Maintain

Unovent uses only 12 Volts - it’s incredibly energy efficient to run. The typical cost of running a Unovent ductless ventilation system for 24 hours a day, costs around 20-30 cents every 10 days. That’s less than $1 a month!

Only the filters need ongoing attention - at least once a year! The G4 pre-filter can easily be removed from within the room (just like unscrewing a light bulb). The G4 filter for each unit can be washed and placed back inside each fan, or you can purchase a replacement filter for $9 each, here. This means you can easily maintain the system yourself - no need for expensive service contracts.