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Gentle, Consistent Flow

Unovent is a positive pressure ventilation system that is constantly working to bring fresh air into your home. Unovent operates at a low flow rate that gently ventilates your home. This avoids forcing moisture into unwanted areas such as the home's framework. Unovent is kind to everyone and everything in your home. Learn more about positive pressure ventilation.

10-Year Warranty

Unovent has the longest warranty for a home ventilation system in New Zealand. Yes, we know our NZ produced system is of great quality! That's why we back it with a 10-year warranty.


Unovent uses only 12 Volts - it’s incredibly energy efficient to run. The typical cost of running a Unovent ductless ventilation system for 24 hours a day, costs less than $1.50 per month!

Easy to Maintain

Only the filters need ongoing attention - at least once a year! The G4 pre-filter can easily be removed from within the room (just like unscrewing a light bulb). The G4 filter for each unit can be washed and placed back inside each fan, or you can purchase a replacement filter for $9 each, here. This means you can easily maintain the system yourself - no need for expensive service contracts.


Unovent is whisper-quiet. This means that ventilating bedrooms over night is not a problem. Unovent has been tested in lab conditions to ensure it is as quiet as we say. Learn more about whisper-quiet ventilation here.