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Identify your ventilation hazards

Even the best-designed homes can suffer from poor ventilation in areas - check to see if you've got any of these issues.

  1. Unventilated bathrooms or kitchen. Showering and cooking create humidity and encourage mould growth.
  2. Dryer exhaust. Is your dryer vented to the outside? Or pumping moisture into the home?
  3. Damp basement. Cold, windowless basements are perfect breeding grounds for mould and mildew.
  4. Cleaning products. Many cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), make sure you follow instructions and keep them properly sealed.
  5. Hot attic. A hot, humid attic can damage your roof and trap heat and act like a blanket covering your home.
  6. Furniture and floors. Gases released from furniture foam and floors can emit VOCS such as formaldehyde.
  7. Streaming windows. A sure sign there’s too much moisture in your home.
  8. Candles and incense. They may smell nice but they fill your home with unhealthy particles.
  9. New homes. The fresh paint, varnishes and materials in a new home all release chemicals or VOCS.
Creating a healthier home for you and your family.

The life-changing benefits of home ventilation.

No more dampness or moist air.

With cleaner, drier air, you'll find that cold, damp feeling disappears.

No more stale air.

With good air flow, you can say goodbye to walking into a house full of stuffy, stale air.

No stinky smells.

Enjoy fresh air instead of those embarrassing odours.

No wet, streaming windows.

And no more drawing faces on windows.

No more mould, mildew dangerous spores.

Keep your rooms and wardrobes mould and mildew free.

Reduce asthma, colds, allergies.

Enjoy a healthier home free from mould spores and dust mites.

No more rotting homes.

Don’t let poor ventilation damage your home permanently.

No noise.

Whisper quiet technology means you’ll never notice our fans.

Easier to heat.

Damp homes take more energy to heat and chew up power.

“Unovent has been great right from the start. We really liked that it's a modular system because it meant that we could add vents as we needed them and wanted them throughout the house."

Pam, Homeowner

What people are saying

"Very happy with all aspects from start to finish. Quick , neat and tidy work. Very professional."

Katie Leigh

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